* Elastomer Couplings

Ride currently manufactures a line of high torque, maintenance free, constant velocity, one-piece couplings with an elastomer core. In addition to these features, the elastomer provides acoustical isolation between drive and driven members. The elastomer is fully bonded to the steel components of the coupling so it flexes rather than slides and thus does not wear. Due to the nature of the design, the unit requires no lubrication or maintenance and can operate in harsh or abrasive environments. Another unique feature is that the couplings offer an exceptionally high thrust capacity within a small radial envelope. Finally, the design can be readily adapted to provide an internal axial flow passage. The couplings have been used on submersible pumps to couple the electric motors to the pump impellers. 

* Compact Mud Motor Couplings


Cam based designs dramatically reduce axial length in short radius mud motors. The product is designed for specific power section lobe configurations in order to translate eccentric motion to concentric rotation.


* Directional Drilling Instrumentation String Isolators

Shown at left are Ride, Inc. instrumentation string isolators currently in use in the downhole drilling industry. While isolating downhole instrumentation from drill vibrations, they can react torque up to 2000 ft-lbs and over 100,000 pounds vertical load. Material is investment cast 316 SS with a nitrile elastomer bonded to patented double-helix internals. Of special note, like the couplings, is the small radial envelope required. 

* Vibration/Acoustic Isolators

Ride, Inc. has developed significant experience in elastomer-metal composite design, particularly high load, high torque shock mounts and vibration dampers. A specialty is tuning the damping/spring rate to a particular application. The designs shown are currently in service in Naval applications. Materials used include monel and inconel as well as conventional metals. Shock load qualification for some units are in excess of 500,000 pounds at 50 milliseconds.
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